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Supporting this site and get your own paracord Survival Bracelet

Little did we realize as a former parachute rigger that these bracelets would prove as interesting to non military as they are to vets. In order to serve a need and let you support this site and its work with the military and gaming community, the items below are available for sale.

Product Description

Parachute Cord (paracord) survival bracelets are made by hand and specifically for your order. Each completed bracelet features the following:

  • Approximately 1″ wide standard weave pattern. This is the military standard when it comes to paracord survival bracelets which are easy to pull apart for use.
  • All bracelets come with a black plastic side-release buckle for a secure but easy to remove closure mechanism
  • Approximately 10 unbroken feet of type III nylon paracord. Cord breaking strength is 550 pounds
  • If needed your survival bracelet can be pulled apart and used for any number of emergency situations

Paracord Products

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