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The Pelican ProGear S100 Sport Elite


Pelican steps into the market with the S100, a durable backpack combining the best features of a military grade field pack, and a modern day laptop case.

Dec 21, 2013 Comments Off


MilGear: SOG Trident Folding Knife


The Trident – Black TiNi folding knife by SOG is a general purpose folding knife that is comfortable for every day wear/use at home or in your military kit while out in the field.


LOK-IT: Securely Carry Your Electronic Documents


There are a lot of USB drives floating around that likely contain a lot of sensitive if not simply personal information. Whether its OPSEC (Operational Security) or PERSEC (Personal Security) LOK-IT might be a great answer.


An Introduction to the Gear Section


Sometimes you have to step away from the game and look reality in the eye. Do you have the gear to go toe to toe with what life might throw at you?

Sep 20, 2011
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