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AMD R9 280X Head to Head: Gigabyte vs MSI


We test the MSI and Gigabyte AMD 69 280X Video Cards in a head to head comparison. Is there a difference, and how do they perform together in CrossfireX?


MH370s Possible Terrorism Impact


This site is typically about military games, our military/tactical audience and what interest/impacts them but sometimes with all the work that the group here does and how military members tend to think (tactically) I have been bothered by the recent events of the missing Malaysian Airlines (MH370) flight and what it might mean that doesn’t…

Mar 17, 2014
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Airsoft 101 – WHAT IS IT?


A growing sport among tactical types and military is airsoft but for the uninitiated, we bring you a 101 report on the sport, the tech and why you might want to take fresh look.


CyroVenom visit at VisionTek


We had the opportunity to visit VisionTek and see the grand prize CryoVision liquid cooled PC before it was shipped off to it’s new home.


AMD’s A10 7850K APU Revisited: Dual Graphics


This month we are testing AMD’s A10 7850K APU with Dual Graphics, AMD promises a performance boost of up to 40%, but our results were even greater.


AMD Mantle Testing on Radeon R9 290


What did we learn after giving Mantle a try on Battlefield 4? It’s not all about the FPS and there is much more to learn.


The Private Build


How do you squeeze the pay of a private into the making of a solid PC for the current and next generation of gaming? We look at the start of such a build utilizing what you’ve got on hand and featuring the AMD APU.



  SOF STUDIOS (H- HOUR WORLDS ELITE) INTERVIEW Recently not too far from Fort Bragg North Carolina myself and another Paratrooper got to pay a visit to the guys at SOF Studios. These guys are working on a military tactical shooter that is said to be the spiritual successor to the early SOCOM: US NAVY…

Jun 24, 2013 Comments Off


BF4: Commander Mode Military Point of View


Military gamers from Off Duty Gamers put their thoughts together on how a new Commander Mode in Battlefield 4 might evolve.


BF4: Changing the Nature of Squads


The musings of the military gaming minds at Off Duty Gamers turns its attention on how squad mechanics could be changed to support the team

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