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New AMD R9 295X Graphics Card!


AMD Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card, engineered for ultimate speed and performance, enables 4K gaming at max settings for extreme PC gaming.


Kickstarter Has Been Hacked

Hacked with Kickstarter

In an announcement today, Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler revealed that the company’s customer data has been breached.


VisionTek Announces Glacially Epic Cryosphere Gaming Rig Sweepstakes


“Custom Shop” hand-built computer valued at nearly $3,000 features liquid cooled VistionTek CryoVenom R9 290 graphics card and other high performance components from AMD, ASUS, Fractal Design, and FUNC.


VisionTek Announces CryoVenom Liquid Cooled R9 290 Graphics Card

CryoVenom PR image

VisionTek Announces CryoVenom As Industry’s First And Fastest Custom-Built Liquid Cooled R9 290 Graphics Card “Custom Shop” hand-built solution delivers 38% temperature reduction, nearly silent operation, and warranty backed overclocked performance gains up to 24% over stock card 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark test proven faster than NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti while costing $150 less January 8, 2014,…

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BATTLEFIELD 4 SHOWDOWN LIVE So the guys over at DICE, EA, and Microsoft got together and set up this amazing gathering of professional Battlefield players from around the world. Set in the great city of London in the United Kingdom the event pits the players from the USA and the European Union in a match…

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VisionTek Radeon R9 290 Introduced As Best Value In High Performance Graphics Cards

New $409MSRP ultra-performance card outperforms NVIDIA GTX 780 while offering savings of $90,
intelligent performance management, 4K resolution, and professional grade audio.

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Valve Announces Steam OS

Valve announces Steam OS. Everything you love about Steam. Available soon as a free operating system designed for the TV and the living room. There will be four new Steam features focused on the living room. Available soon in both SteamOS and the Steam client. In-home Streaming  You can play all your Windows and Mac games…

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America’s Army: Proving Grounds is now LIVE

Bringing the best features of the previous versions to a new America’s Army environment, America’s Army: Proving Grounds stresses small unit tactical maneuvers and training that echoes true-to-life Army scenarios. AA: PG reflects the current day Army by focusing on these smaller self-contained, full spectrum units that can carry out a variety of objectives during…

Aug 30, 2013
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Battlefield 4 Gamescom Overview

Here is a list of things we learned about Battlefield 4 from Gamescom. Levolution Trailer Levolution in BF4 delivers a dynamic battlefield that reacts to the player’s every move to ensures that no two games will ever be the same. New Game Mode Revealed Obliteration. Two teams face off on medium-sized battlegrounds where one bomb…

Aug 29, 2013
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  SOF STUDIOS (H- HOUR WORLDS ELITE) INTERVIEW Recently not too far from Fort Bragg North Carolina myself and another Paratrooper got to pay a visit to the guys at SOF Studios. These guys are working on a military tactical shooter that is said to be the spiritual successor to the early SOCOM: US NAVY…

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