Consultants – Leveraging Military Expertise

174 Military Consultants currently registered

Thank you for your interest in the Off Duty Gamers military consultant services.

For those who are or have served, military service is a proud and fulfilling time in our lives. Some go on to long military careers and some move on to leverage skills either learned directly (schools and other formal training) or indirectly (leadership and experience) in the civilian world. While military service ranges in populations based on many factors, in the United States alone, it may interest you to know that roughly 3 million men and women currently serve in the active and reserve military and the military community of veterans represents some 25 million individuals.

Sadly, many never again get to use many of the things they have learned as a direct result of military service. We here at Off Duty Gamers recognize that these are a very special breed of individual no matter what country they have served.

The game industry over the years has become more and more interested in developing accurate, unique video games for an industry that estimates over 20 billion in annual revenue. With such a large impact on the entertainment segment the need for subject matter experts and professionals already trained in elements they are developing has an amazing potential.

We have two main points of focus for our consultant services:

Active/Prior Service Military Members

For those who serve or have served in the military we provide a way to submit pertinent subject matter expertise information to our database. This information is kept and as needs within the gaming community present themselves we will draw first from this database of professionals.

  • Alpha/Beta Testing
  • Fact Checking
  • Military Liaisons
  • Direct Technical Consultancy

In addition, Off Duty Gamers will pull from this database on occasion to give away prizes specially developed or meant as a thank you for those who have served.

Yes, this offers those with a military background to have a chance to leverage that training for new purposes. If you’ve ever groaned at inaccurate or grossly miscommunicated representations of your military service then here’s your chance to get involved and work to be a part of a team busy helping to get things right and see that the honor and respect we earned is preserved and represented.

If you think you could make a difference or even just wish to be part of team recognizing and honoring your service then register today and get involved with a unique leveraging of the military community.


Game Industry Professionals

Your industry has seen explosive growth in the past decade with no indication of it slowing. Gaming platforms are becoming more advanced every year as the industry pushes the envelope in both hardware and software to present an amazing array of effects and entertainment.

From the military perspective games with a direct military focus or based on some sense of military structure are everywhere and many in the military community struggle with issues and details that we know we could help address if given the chance.

Off Duty Gamers would like to allow an easier access to military specialties from a growing database of military community members. We intend on providing military expertise for:

  • Alpha/Beta Testing
  • Fact Checking
  • Military Liaisons
  • Direct Technical Consultancy
  • Shows and Events
  • Developer Education Sessions
  • Tactical analysis of maps/levels

If you’re interested in the services described or have any other need that may require or otherwise be enhanced by adding genuine military knowledge then get in touch with us and let us know your need. Confidentiality is guaranteed for you and your team including signing NDA’s as necessary.