The Beauty of Far Cry Primal in Eyefinity

by  •  Mar 08, 2016

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Not Quite a ReviewFCPrimal 2016-03-08 16-54-26-17

We recently took a look at Far Cry Primal in our launch review, and it scored an impressive 4.7 of 5 stars. While our review focused on the console versions of the game, we took a look at the PC release as well. Rather than rehash the same points, I thought I might take this in a different direction, and focus on the graphics, as well as feature screenshots captured in Eyefinity.

FCPrimal 2016-03-01 20-30-10-98

I’m not knocking the console versions of the game, hell, I have it on Xbox One too. But immersive titles like this pretty much demand the type of widescreen gaming and hardware melting graphics performance you can only get out of a PC.

The Hardware

FCPrimal 2016-03-08 16-51-06-17

The screenshots here were captured on a PC running an AMD 9590 AM3+ CPU, cooled by an EKWB Predator 240 modded to fit the socket. The motherboard is an ASUS Crosshair Formula Z with 32 GB of AMD Radeon 2133 DDR3 RAM. The graphics card is an AMD Fury X, and powering everything are two power supplies modded to power different components. If you are just now noticing that I have a thing for AMD hardware, well you are a bit late to the game, or haven’t been paying attention the last few years.

The Visual Immersion

FCPrimal 2016-03-04 22-15-18-21Everything good about the graphics in the console versions seems a bit better in the PC. The level of detail, from smoke, snow, water, and even tiny dandelion seeds in the wind pops out. I’ve been a fan of the Far Cry series since the original, and it has done nothing but improve with age.

Final Impressions

Everything mentioned in the console review here stands. I’ve played both versions, so I know the quality is there no matter the platform. I prefer the PC version though, for me controlling the movement is much easier with a mouse and keyboard than it ever will be with a controller. Plus, the level of detail and graphics quality that a PC can do, with the proper hardware and title, will keep me here for a long time.

FCPrimal 2016-03-02 22-13-06-69

Can I say that PC is the best? No, you play on whatever platform you choose. I can say that you have not experienced a game until you’ve played it with the settings all the way up, in ultra widescreen resolution.

Eyefinity for the win.

FCPrimal 2016-03-08 15-52-04-85

FCPrimal 2016-03-08 15-49-44-87

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FCPrimal 2016-03-08 15-36-44-85

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