Serellan announces Epsilon Closed Alpha, Releases first Gameplay Trailer

by  •  Sep 11, 2015  •  Leave a comment below

Serellan announced that their Unreal 4 powered squad based stealth action shooter is being readied for closed alpha testing in the next few weeks. Here is what Christian Allen, CEO and Creative Director at Serellan had to say.

“Serellan is very excited to let our community get an early look at the game, before it is released on Steam Early Access.  All of the Kickstarters of our previous title and a select group of community members will be invited to participate, and we look forward to getting their feedback on the game,” said Christian Allen, CEO and Creative Director at Serellan. “Epsilon focuses on pre-planning, tactics, and gadgets over linear cinematic shoot-em up gameplay, and community involvement is a key goal of our studio.  It’s in our DNA.”

Serellan also released the first gameplay teaser trailer for Epsilon, showing planning and squad commands, and touches on Epsilon’s story, which deals with countering human trafficking, and can be viewed here:

Epsilon is planned for release on Steam Early Access this fall.

Serellan, which is a disabled veteran owned company, is working with several veteran groups to donate portions of the proceeds from the game to benefit veterans and active-duty military members.

Serellan LLC is a small independent game studio founded by USMC veteran Christian Allen, former Creative Director and Designer of several high profile AAA games by Ubisoft, Bungie, and WB Games.  Serellan was founded in 2012 in Seattle, WA.They are staffed with industry veterans who have worked on franchises such as Ghost Recon, Halo, Shadows of Mordor, Mad Max, Killzone, SOCOM, MAG, Need for Speed, SWAT and more