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V-Moda Crossfade M-100. Why review a headset that has been out and reviewed dozens of times? Simple. Because V-Moda asked us too! Much thanks to Eric Nathal for sending us this headset and accessories for review. Eric has been patient with this author since I am one of a couple here at Off Duty Gamers that is still in the service of the military. Since receiving the headset, I have been off and flying for the Air Force twice. I promised Eric that this review would be out before I left again this week, this time for a month!! Let’s get to it!



The shipping box arrived and I must say that the contents did not disappoint! The Exoskeleton Hardcase with carabineer, extra cords, microphone, and an extra set of ear pads were all included for the review!

The contents after arrival at OffDutyGamers Western Command

The contents after arrival at OffDutyGamers Western Pennsylvania Command.


The headset featured in this review is the Crossfade M-100 Shadow. V-Moda currently sells this design in Matt Black, White Silver, and my version, the Shadow. The Shadow design has red trim and lettering that accents this headset beautifully. A visit to their website here allows one to customize the headset in many ways.

photo courtesy of V-Moda

photo courtesy of V-Moda


Ease of Use

Like the majority of all the headsets, this one is plug and play. Connect to your favorite listening device or computer, place headset on your head, and enjoy!

The one thing V-Moda did not include in its accessories packages to me were instructions! Included in the shipping box was a set of XL memory cushions. That’s it, just the cushions, in their shipping bag, in the box. Now I do not know if V-Moda does not ship instructions on cushion replacement with their orders, but after a little search on YouTube, I found this very helpful tutorial.


The headset is both beautiful in design and comfortable in wearing. As a flying member of the Air Force, I wear headsets for hours on end. I have come to appreciate the comfort of a good headset. The fit of the M-100 is snug without the feeling of your head being in a vise. The included ear cushions are comfortable and light around your ears. They block out outside sounds effectively and are super soft.

The headset as stated before, may be accessorized with new ear plates of different colors and customizable designs. The plates included were the standard gloss black.

The XL memory cushions are a sweet upgrade! These cushions provide a 30% more increase in diameter, are two times thicker/deeper and provide a 55% larger volume space. This author was a tad confused on swapping the cushions out without instructions until a little YouTube research resolved that problem!

The cords included are all tough braided cable with gold-plated jacks for long durability and low distortion.  Included with the headset is a one button, 4.5 foot SpeakEasy mic cable that while being used for music listening enjoyment, can also be used to answer any incoming phone calls. A 6.5 foot red and black SharePlay audio cable lets one share audio with a friend. A 1/4 inch 24K gold plated pro adapter is included if one wants to plug into a larger device such as larger home audio system.

All of the cables have male plugs at both ends. The female openings are on the headset itself, allowing for a fast and easy change over as one desires.

Eric graciously included a BoomPro microphone to use while I was gaming. As the box says, it can be used for gaming, VoIP, and broadcasting.

The boom mic itself is compatible with a 3.5mm port, plugs directly into the headset and is attached to a 6.8 foot braided cable. Also included is a 3.5mm “Y” adapter to plug into your computer mic/headphone ports.

Easily adjust or mute the volume with the compact, clip-on volume control. V-Moda has reinforced the volume controls where the cables connect. This will cut down on wear and tear and possible shorting out of the cords that I have seen in other headsets. Well done!

The microphone attached to the StellFlex adjustable boom arm can be co-located in the base of either the left or right ear cup. Easy to use for two way communication, and when not talking smack in game, stores out of the way with a simple swing to the rear.


I absolutely loved the sound quality and the ability to isolate outside ambient noises. With the XL memory cushions installed, the sound isolation was even better. In order to hear the family while gaming, I had to place one of the earcups behind my ear, the sound isolation was that good.

In game sounds are terrific. I play the Battlefield series of games almost exclusively and with their library of sounds in game, from gunshots, shouting, to vehicle noises, every sound is crisp, sharp, and without static.

With the Shadow connected to my iPhone 5, music listening is a simple joy. Being and older fella, I appreciate the classics from the 60’s through today, so listening to my favorite app, iHeartRadio  was pure pleasure.

Audiophiles who love to DJ, or listen to whatever favorite artist will enjoy the tech specs:

Straight from V-Modas website!

Over-Ear Circumaural Frequency Response – 5 – 30,000Hz

Sensitivity – 103 dB @ 1kHz 1mW

Microphone Sensitivity – -42dB @ 1kHz

Impedance – 32Ω

Weight – 280g


It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the Shadow  M-100 is an absolutely beautiful piece of craftsmanship! From the rugged metal construction of the outside ear covers, to the kevlar lined cables, this headset is a work of art! The ergonomic steelflex headband will withstand up to 10 complete straightening’s, while the cables are designed to handle over one million cable bends! Can you say that about your current headset?


At review, the current price on the V-Moda website for the M-100 is $270.00 U.S. The original asking price of $310.00 U.S. has been slashed by $40.00.  This is a top end product well worth the price. The research, engineering, and quality of parts that have gone into this headset brings the price point to this level. Ask yourself, if you value quality, durability and fine workmanship, what price would you pay?

Final Intelligence Report

In the short month that I have used this product, I’ve really come to enjoy using the Crossfade M-100. Be it gaming, Skype, or listening to my music, the quality of sound, comfort and durability have me sold.

If your interested in this or headset or any of V-Moda’s other fine products, check them out here. You will not be disappointed. Veni. Vidi. Vici.



Ease of Use
Final Score: 4.7 out of 5
photo courtesy of V-Moda

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