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Ready up for round 2

So back in June during E3 EA had launched the first multiplayer beta for Battlefield Hardline. For many the game still felt incomplete and was in many ways too similar to the main war themed Battlefield titles. At the time light support weapons and RPG-7 launchers were in over abundance making the game feel more like a re-skin than a departure from the traditional Battlefield game. Having talked to some of the developers at Visceral they realized not only did they need to fix the game but that they needed to make the game a greater departure from previous Battlefield titles.

I have been fortunate to attend several play tests over the last few months and I can say the game has not only improved from a bug and fixes stand point, but also from a gameplay one as well. The game is much smoother than in the beta or the first play test. The gameplay and class balance has been improved to give every class a fighting chance in the chaos. Little things like randomized money drop offs for Heist or making the light machine guns and anti armor weapons battlefield pick ups make them that much more important to control on the map.

Here you can watch one of the Dev Diaries from the crew at Visceral about how they approached the new Battlefield title as well as how it’s been improved thus far.


CONQUEST – “A Battlefield staple, Conquest is based on the idea of controlling a base. Capture a base by standing near a flag on foot, in a vehicle or in the skies – if your team owns more flags than the enemy you’ll slowly reduce their tickets, which are their ability to respawn. The first team to run out of tickets loses.”

Conquest is a classic and every battlefield title needs it. Of the maps available in the beta I will say that Dust bowl fits the classic conquest bill the most.

HEIST – “Heist is all about pulling off that big job or that perfect score. The criminals are trying to infiltrate a cash-filled vault, and the cops must regulate them. Once the criminals break in, they have to nab two bags of cash and jam out with them back to each of the two base points”.

Heist is a wonderful asymmetric game mode that totally draws you into the lore of the cops and robbers world. This will literally give you a run for your money.

HOTWIRE – “The criminals are trying to steal a list of marked cars while the cops are trying to repossess them. Use your driving skills to catch up with the enemy, and bring a friend riding shotgun to take them down”.

Hotwire is essentially conquest with a twist. The capture points are actually cars scattered around the map. The if you control more of these points you will eventually dry up the enemies tickets and win the round.

Hacker Mode –  “Hacker mode takes surveillance to the next level as the Hackers can take control over security cameras, spot enemies and specify areas on the Battlefield for their team to attack or defend. Hacker mode will be playable on all modes in the beta”.

Hacker mode puts the commander in more of a support role with less devastating attacks then before. There are some interesting ways for the commander to interact with the environment and it will be interesting to see how this pans out when the game goes live.

new maps for the beta


DOWNTOWN – “The heart of downtown Los Angeles is a jumping environment – the streets, the buildings, the cars – are all open to criminal deeds. The police have shut down the city center, and a heated confrontation is about to break out”.

Being someone who lives only 15-20 minutes from downtown LA it is pretty amazing how much detail they captured to replicate the area. This will bring you right in the middle of your favorite shoot out from HEAT. Watch out for the levolution on this one as it will devistate the middle of the map and create quite a few extra routes to navigate.


BANK JOB – “Money is the root of all evil. The criminals are plotting a ruthless assault on a high-security bank vault. But, they messed up and triggered a silent alarm and the police are jamming to the scene of the crime”.

Being the first map that was made for the game Bankjob truly brings across the theme of the game. The mag is very detailed and quite beautiful at the same time. There are several routes to navigate around over and below your enemies. Every time we played this map during our play test I found a new way to outflank the enemy. There are also ammo and health caches to aid you in your fight for or against the law.


DUST BOWL– “The small desert town of Joad is off the beaten path and well-known for meth trafficking problems. The cops have had enough and are on the scene to shut it all down”.

Dustbowl is a staple map for the franchise as this is where most players will feel right at home when it comes to a Battlefield setting. Its quite open with a wonderful infantry combat scene at the motel in the middle. There are an abundance of houses you can enter including a small villa overlooking the whole map. Watch out for snipers on this map. Players skilled with the AWM and the .338 Lapua upgrade will one shot you on the move across its vast open terrain.

saftey’s off engage when ready

So now that you have had your intel get ready for the beta when it goes live February 3rd. Battlefield 4 players will also receive an exclusive dog tag for participating in the beta.