Watch-Dogs: Bad Blood DLC

by  •  Oct 27, 2014

Watch_Dogs 2014-09-29 19-30-43-08Back in July, we took a look at Watch_Dogs, by Ubisoft. Despite a few minor details, the game lived up to the hype, and ended up being one of the best games I’ve played. In September of this year, the Bad Blood DLC was released, adding even more content to the game.


Bad Blood takes place after the events in the main storyline, where the player assumes the role of T-Bone. Infiltrating Blume to plant the seeds of a false trail, T-Bone once again finds himself drawn into a fight, this time involving an old colleague who has been kidnapped by Fixers. As the story progresses, T-Bone finds himself at odds at the ghosts of his pasts, and Blume hot on his trail.

Bad Blood expands on the original game, adding more content, missions, and a neat little gadget that makes infiltration more fun.

Watch_Dogs 2014-09-29 19-41-16-08


There is no noticeable change in graphics; Watch_Dogs had pretty decent visuals that benefitted from some modding early in release and Bad Blood is no different. Personally, modding is one of the reasons I prefer gaming on the PC, so the fact that the game is not locked down so tight that you can’t tweak it is welcome news.


Again, the DLC builds upon the original. Nothing has changed, from what I can tell. But some additional music has creeped in, turning the occasional vehicle scene into something more entertaining.

Watch_Dogs 2014-09-29 19-37-37-11


Bad Blood modifies gameplay a bit, hoping to cause players to rely on hacking skills rather than combat. Certain missions award extra points for remaining unseen or refraining from killing. The addition of the RC car armed with a taser makes infiltration and non lethal means a bit easier, especially when dealing with armored foes.Other expansions included some specific changes to the skill tree and a few more digital trips, although these seem to be more specific to the DLC itself and do not appear to affect the main campaign.

The public perception system is still in play as well; do good things and people will generally leave you alone, act like an asshole and CPD will do everything in their power to take you down. Crime is still an occurrence, but it appears to be more random, rather than specific missions.

Watch_Dogs 2014-09-30 00-30-10-98

One of the things that I really enjoyed was the addition of co op gameplay, where you and another online player work together on various missions. This can have both good and bad consequences, as I discovered when my partner decided to unload with a grenade launcher on pedestrians; but it adds a level of fun and unpredictability that you simply cannot achieve with a single player mission. I also liked the expansion of the single player missions, where scores are recorded showing how you stack up against other players.

Since the full game was released, it has received some patching to address the issues I brought up in my original review. There still is the occasional annoyance, but it is far less than it was at release. I did not experience any of character action loops that plagued me in my original playthrough.

Watch_Dogs 2014-10-01 23-27-35-99


I picked up Bad Blood as part of the Watch Dogs Season Pass. While the basic DLC is $14.99, the Season Pass is 19.99. Really, either price is worth it, although you will likely get more content, in the long run, with the Season Pass.

The sheer amount this one DLC adds makes the price more than fair; while officially a DLC, it felt more like a full game. While most expansion gameplay includes an outfit or a few weapons, Bad Blood includes that plus game time measured in days, rather than minutes,

Watch_Dogs 2014-09-30 00-52-58-96

Final Intelligence Report

Nothing changes from the main Watch_Dogs game to Bad Blood to make me dislike it; the expansion of gameplay, missions and a full background story makes this DLC stand toe to toe with full titles, while answering some of the nagging questions left from my initial playthrough. I’m glad I picked it up.


Format: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 3, PS 4, Wii U, PC
Release: September 23, 2014 (Season Pass)
Rating: M
Genre: Action-Adventure, Open World, Third Person
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5

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