Maxnomic Dominator Pro Gaming/Office Chair

by  •  Aug 11, 2014

MaxnomicPGOchairWhy in the hell would you spend more than $100 on a chair? Truth be told, Maxnomic showed me why and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Now let me tell you why you should consider it as well. I am a PRO sitter, I’ve been utilizing the seated position more and more often ever since I manged to sit up on my own and I suspect you have too. Have you considered that with the average person being in a seated position for over 8 hours each day how much of an impact it has on you? No, this isn’t going to be a discussion about spinal health, deep vein thrombosis, cardiovascular issues, carpal tunnel syndrome etc but truth be told, all this stuff is very real and becomes more and more of an issue as you age. As a gamer over 40 I will tell you that I spent a lot of time in front of the monitor for work as well as for play and one thing I noticed was backaches, headaches and fatigue after long stretches. Like many of you, I thought a work chair is simply an item that should be generally comfortable and be at a good height. I laughed at older office workers who insisted on better chairs or brought in their own and I could never understand why someone would spend more than $100 when that money could be spent on the SYSTEM or GAME!


Let me first introduce you to the product that research led me to. Here’s what Maxnomic says about the product.


There are many things we get in the course of our work around the industry to test or try out but many times the best items are the ones WE go get because we need them for ourselves, then like them enough to tell YOU about it. This is the case here and the situation was typical. I’ve grown older, spending more time in the seat at a computer and more time later playing games. After some quality time with a chiropractor I made some changes like raising the monitors up so I don’t hunch, sitting up straight, taking more breaks and of course adding some workouts to promote better strength and activity. So, here I was, crabbing about my back, a literal pain in the ass, day in and day out, and I finally realized that it was time to bite the bullet and look for a solution. After making a few changes to the things in front of me that helped, I realized that the thing I’d ignored time and time again was THE CHAIR. Now, in my defense MOST of the time when you’re in the market for a chair, you aren’t spending your best money, you hit the local office store and grab what does the trick and doesn’t eat into your wallet. In the end you find something that you think is comfortable and then you sit on that thing until it is thread bare, torn up and you NEED a new one. Imagine NOT upgrading anything on your gaming system until it broke then buying the cheapest replacement. Crazy huh, few things are that way and yet the device you use MORE than any other element of your high end computer investment is largely ignored. That search led me to Maxnomic and it’s website.


dimensions_pro_gaming_maxnomicAn elegant, sporty “executive chair” with thicker foam padding and a longer seat base. The MAXNOMIC® sports seats of the PRO-GAMING & OFFICE category are built for users with a body size from 5’9” to 6’1” (1,76 m to 1,85 m) and a weight up to 220 pounds (100 kg) for comfortable sitting. The upholstery as well as the shape and size of the seating-element and the backrest are optimal tuned for those users. You can sit comfortable and ergonomic in this chair for hours. The dimensions of the can be found on the picture to the right (all chairs of the PRO-GAMING & OFFICE category are the same size).


When you purchase this chair you will receive these practical head and lumbar cushions

  • Super comfortable
  • Velvety velour upper
  • Embroidered MAXNOMIC ® logo
  • Washable


  • Integrated sturdy tubular steel frame with elastic strap supports
  • High quality cold cure foam padding
  • Comfortable tilt mechanism with five possible positions
  • Professional “4D” soft padded armrests
  • Freely adjustable backrest that tilts up to 67 degrees
  • Sturdy, long-lasting aluminum base, 70cm (27.5”) diameter
  • Maximum load 150kg (330 pounds)
  • Cover material: high quality faux leather (durable vinyl / PU)
  • Padding: molded cold cure foam

Options for a chair?

Yes, no kidding and I was floored at the options. Not just the ‘features’ but the size/weight information, type of usage questions and hours of comfortable use details. I was flooded with information on chair styling, positioning and adjustment points and I quickly realized I had not considered any of it in the past. There’s a lot of thought in the adjustment points for Maxnomic chairs and all have a purpose and reason to be there. pro_gaming_office_kontext_sbp

Settling on the Dominator

There are a few chairs on the market listed as ‘gaming’ chairs and Maxnomic sells another chair that initially got my attention through a lot of social media called the DXRacer but once I started doing the homework I realized my height and my time/support needs were different. The Dominator builds on the base model Casual Sport class and provides longer term support. I game from home but at this point primarily work from home as well and the the Dominator mixes office and gaming needs. I’ve been in the IT industry for over 20 years and before that did computer aided drafting so chairs with swivel and mesh and adjustment points for height are not new. What was new to me was the high back with neck support, full foam structure and even support at the shoulder. Here in ODG HQ I have a standard desk which is at an ever fixed height. At times I need to type for longer periods of time so having a chair that adjusts is great to put my arms level with the keyboard (avoiding carpal tunnel type strain) but the additional adjustment points for both height AND horizontal travel allow me to position the arm rests in a comfortable position for the task I am performing at the time.

Product Gallery

MaxnomicPGOchair 2014-08-11_0723 2014-08-11_0723_001 2014-08-11_0723_002 2014-08-11_0723_003 2014-08-11_0724 2014-08-11_0724_001 2014-08-11_0724_002 2014-08-11_0724_003 2014-08-11_0724_004 2014-08-11_0724_005

A note about price

Don’t get sticker shock! Some things are expensive because they are worth it but when you look at how much you use a chair, it’s not expensive at all. This chair is going to set you back nearly $400 but don’t think of it as a SPEND as much as an investment. How long have you had the chair you last purchased? If you break down the cost per hour you will quickly realize that complaining about a $50 video game with a couple hundred hours of total lifetime game play makes no sense if you sit in a $100 chair for years. Not having to stop playing because of back pain means you stay IN the game, enjoy your time and don’t end up looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame when you’re in your 50s or 60s. This is not an investment I expect young gamers to make, prioritizing themselves vs the items in front was what I did, what you’ll likely do and one day you’ll be here in my position and the ‘Ah-ha’ moment will occur. IF you are here and you happen to have those twinges or you just realize you’d rather be comfortable longer then this is an expense worth making. Sure, you can get cheaper but remember sometimes cheaper price means cheaper everything. Check out this video and see what the difference in build structure and materials looks like.


2014-07-12 13.42.31 Shipping is quick and soon a large 50lb box was parked in my living room. Based on the way that Maxnomic constructs its chairs the largest components like the back, seat and base make up the bulk of the well.. bulk. Assembly is quick and easy and in less than 20 minutes my son and I had it together. You can check out the assembly manual here.

A Month of Usage Testing

In the END I had gotten to the BOTTOM of the problem and in what I dare say was the wisest investment in myself has been amazing. Ive now been using the chair for a month. I far outpace the average for time spent in it and it is comfortable, supportive and flat out an amazing piece of craftsmanship. My tendency is to sit straighter, I have much better support and I adjust the chair when I am not comfortable rather than shifting my sitting position. I have reclined the seat to spend time watching Netflix or streaming twitch channel content and the chair is never unstable (you could in fact easily fall asleep in it). The controls are solidly crafted and the adjustment points allow for plenty of change to suit my current needs based on gaming, surfing, document writing or relaxing.

2014-08-11_0948_001 2014-08-11_0948

Extended Life

2014-08-11_0829 Another leap forward in thinking about your chair is being able to upgrade and add to it! Maxnomic provides additional options, accessories and items that can customize your seat for the type of floor, your personal style, replacement of worn parts or even enhance the experience. If you move and find your new place has carpet or hard flooring, it makes perfect sense to review the rolling mechanism. You can quickly order and change the wheels to suit your needs. At the time of this writing I came to find out that there is an audio solution that pushes vibrations based on your audio in the chair itself. Maybe a future review there? Accessories Shop

Final Comment

I highly recommend this chair and to tell you how much I think of it, I am considering another one that will be used at the office of my next job. The highest compliment I can offer is recommending a product to friends which in the past month I have done and seen at least one friend purchase a Maxnomic chair with equal satisfaction. We know that in the military and veteran community, funds don’t always come easy so recommendations can make the difference. If you’re considering a new chair, put your money where it will give you the best return on your investment and consider this chair. 2014-07-12 14.14.43

A quick thank you shout out to who helped make this review possible by making me think about my back and health more than my wallet.