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by  •  May 28, 2014


For the entirety of Battlefields history it has been a war shooter. The essence of what made made the franchise unique is the ability to create epic unforgettable moments in unscripted sandbox game play. By changing the setting EA is hoping to bring a new conflict to a recipe that has worked for over a decade. The funny thing is this concept of a “Heat” style battle has been in the minds of gamers since a video called “CALL OF DUTY POLICE WARFARE” a parody of where the Call Of Duty franchise could have gone. Someone either joined the studio working on Hardline or They really liked the idea because the style and some of the ideas are pretty darn close.

Gameplay Tutorial Trailer

Check out some of these pictures from the Police Warfare project that was never made but rumored to be picked up by a publisher.

Police-Warfare pre_1400833236__police_warfare_moods swatandrobbers 1

As you can see the concept behind Police Warfare and Hardline are very much the same. I personally dreamed of this style of game play since Police Warfare was teased so I can’t help but be a little excited to see EA is moving into this slice of urban warfare.




Lets take a look at some of the weapons in Hardline so far. Since this is not a military conflict there are quite a variety of weapons from carbine and light machine guns to objects like tasers and baseball bats. New forms of melee combat perhaps? Interesting ways to immobilize an enemy? The variety of tools available will hopefully breed a special type of asymmetric warfare that has been experienced in games like Insurgency or Counterstrike. The big one is the Grappling Hook. Returning since its debut in Battlefield 2 Special Forces (which should have been named Special Operations) this tool gives players vertical movement not possible in Battlefield 4 without the help of glitches or Helicopters. Hopefully this will be balanced and unlike Floodzone with Snipers on every rooftop. Having players camp every roof can seriously destroy the way a map was meant to be played. So long as it’s balanced there will hopefully be a good flow to the maps.



Can’t have guns without the toys to go on them. The attachments seem to taken straight from Battlefield 4. This can be good and bad but seeing how the development cycle is so high this might have been done to save time. Hopefully the magnified optics will be done more realistically much in way that just what is in the scope is magnified instead of the entire screen.



The departure from full scale warfare has brought us some sweet new rides into the Battlefield. A variety of armored cars and aircraft are a pleasant addition to the series. It will be interesting to see how these are used in game play. With overall less firepower and less armor the fighting will hopefully be more infantry driven with the aid of vehicles.



Hopefully Viceral will be able to use some of the fixes seen in the BF4 CTE to get the game running the way it should be. At the end of the day this game needs to knock urban infantry warfare out of the park along with bringing the asymmetric style of combat that would be present in LEO vs Criminal conflict. I will be at E3 and hopefully catch up with Scott Levy who voices in the new game this year. Many questions will be answered and just maybe get some hands on with the new title. See you at at E3 2014.


Actor Scott Levy

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