Airsoft 101 – WHAT IS IT?

by  •  Mar 12, 2014

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Airsoft is a sport derived from Japan due to a postwar ban on the population to own firearms. Japanese hobby builders became very good at building replicas and scaled models of everything. Toys, Gundams, Ships, Tanks, Trains and of course Guns. Any type of Airsoft gun uses a air pressure to propel a 6mm plastic projectile up to around 150-300 feet depending on type and velocity. There are practically replicas of every single gun known to most gamers. First lets breakdown the main three types.

  1. Spring – rack the slide/pull the charging handle and load one BB into the chamber and put the gun into battery. After every shot this process must be repeated to continue firing.
  2. (GBB) Gas blowback ,Gas/CO2 – Operates much like a real firearm with a cycling bolt or slide using gas or expanding air pressure to operate.
  3. (AEG) Airsoft Electric Gun – A battery operates a motor that spins several gears and pulls back a piston inside an air cylinder. The piston then shoots forward propelling the air into the barrel.

Most beginners start out with spring and then graduate to Gas/CO2 or electric.  Batteries used are very similar to those used by RC cars or Airplanes but are suited for specifically fitting into Airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns also have what is called a Hop-up. This gives backspin to the bb increasing stability and range and in some cases velocity.

Magazines typically hold several hundred rounds but can hold less for more realism. Pistols and gas blowback guns hold 15-50 depending on the weapon platform.




Airsoft guns are used for several things but are not limited in their use.

  1. Sporting use, Wargames, Call of duty or Battlefield games where players face off to win objectives
  2. Tactical training and force on force from the military, LEO
  3. Competitive training to enhance skills in a safe environment
  4. Teaching your kids on Gun safety
  5. Props for small independent film makers.

There are large operations held around the country where several hundred players will participate in a big wargame or operation. One great example is Operation Irene held at Fort Knox recreating the Battle of the Black sea (Black Hawk Down). Members of the Task Force Ranger team will be commanded by none other than COL Mcknight – Retired.


Some key things to remember about Airsoft guns are the following

  1. Treat every gun as if it were a REAL FIREARM
  2. All Firearms rules APPLY
  3. Always play/train in a safe area
  4. Always use eye protection and face protection when you play
  5. While they may be viewed as TOYS they are NOT TOYS

This concludes part 1 of the Airsoft 101 series! Let us know what you thought!

Where do you buy airsoft guns from?

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ready for battle

Now that you’re equipped with the basics get out to the field and compete against your friends!