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Loadout’s gratuitous violence, fast paced action, and over the top humor makes for a great time killer- but where the game really shines is its immense weapon crafting system. This free-to-play third person arena style shooter seems to be an homage to cartoony multiplayer classics such as Team Fortress 2, but without being another cash-grabbing blatant rip-off. At only a 2 gigabyte download size from Steam, you can be in the action for free in no time.




Loadout keeps things simple. Cartoony characters and lack of hardware-intensive extras don’t take anything away from this game- in fact, it adds to the appeal. The clean, smooth environments make it easy to spot opponents on the map to keep the melee rolling, and watching a huge cartoon character twerk over your dead body while bright blood flows out of you as you give your last one-finger salute adds to the comedy. The gameplay is smooth, even for lower-end machines. I never dipped below 60 frames per second playing on my Asus G74S laptop, even in gunfire-heavy gameplay.




Not much to be said, here, folks. It’s an arena shooter. The weapon effects are crisp and the voice work is on par with other games in it’s genre.




The menu is easy to navigate and pop up tutorials make sure you don’t miss anything, all without being too annoying. Getting in to a match is fast and easy. Once you’re in, a booming ‘from the heavens’ voice counts down to the action and then it’s pure anarchy from there. The maps are big enough to enjoy for eight player matches without being so big that you take five minutes of run time just to get back into the fight. Respawns, although frequent, take only a matter of seconds. The game doesn’t really bring anything new to the table with its traditional game modes, but the lack of a class system is a nice touch. Instead of picking the ‘medic’ or ‘rocket slinger’, you craft your own weapons and utilize them how you see fit. There is no short of weapons to craft, either. We’re talking a billion combinations- that’s right, Billion. With a B. Everything from rockets, to lasers, to machine guns, to scoped rifles can be crafted- and quickly. Points gained to purchase and level weapons come flowing in just from playing, and the game doesn’t require you to open your wallet to get good, fun weapon combinations. Want to be a medic sniper? No problem. Craft yourself a health-giving laser gun and a scoped electricity arcing sniper rifle that sets people on fire.




This is a game that can and will easily suck up hours of play time. The endless upgrade possibilities become an addiction. Although you can devote as much time as you want to the game, there is no real commitment. Match times are short enough for a few quick games during the lunch hour, and matchmaking is fast.




Free, folks. This gem is free. I hope it’s downloading in the background as you read this.

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When it’s all said and done, Loadout provides hours of outrageous violence, fantastic gameplay, and enough humor to entertain even the most serious gamer- and all for the great price of free. With nothing to lose, this game should be a no brainer.


Format: PC
Release: January 31, 2014
Genre: 3rd Person Shooter
Developer: Edge of Reality
Publisher: Edge of Reality

Final Score: 4.0 out of 5

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