Linking Up With James C. Burns of Black Ops Fame

by  •  Feb 05, 2013

The Icon in the flesh!

Spartan117gw meets sgt frank woods – black ops 1/2

There was once an idea. To bring together a group of extraordinary people. To fight the battles we never could. One man belonging to those that extraordinary group is James C. Burns better known as SGT FRANK WOODS of the Call of Duty Black Ops series.

Just how did this great meeting happen? It started off with the guys from Warfighter Airsoft trying to get a big game together to help support their cause. Warfighter Airsoft Helps veterans combat PTSD by introducing them to the competitive tactical sport known as Airsoft. Some where along an idea came about to get people outside of the Airsoft community involved on game day. I started my quest because I was curious who in LA would be interested in supporting Men and Women who have already made a lifetimes worth of sacrifices. Some of the service members from Warfighter are still Active Duty.

The search begins scouring the interwebs looking for the right kind of people. We contacted everyone from Sourcefed the hit news show on Youtube to the Film Makers Corridor Digital. I remember seeing SGT Frank Woods on Youtube and figured what the hell its worth a shot. Wasn’t before long I found myself sending a tweet his way. Low and behold I get a reply. The man is pretty on top of his social media. We trade Emails and at some point during my duty day I get a chance to walk outside during Lunch. I shot James a message about the event that became known as the Warfighter Project and he immediately projected his interest. He asked for the details and I sent them his way. Later that day I gave him a call and was very excited to hear the voice of SGT Frank Woods on the line. I will say after playing the games hearing the live voice of an Iconic Character on your phone will send a chill down your spine. It is pretty surreal.

We had a wonderful conversation on the phone going over how he got into Black Ops and his experience doing tactical training for Films, Tv Shows and Video games. He is definitely well trained. James was brought into Black Ops to test some new motion capture technology and the actor needed to have tactical training. James fit the bill and essentially helped create the SGT Frank Woods character. Since then his character has played a major role in the success in the franchise. Some may argue that his character is the most badass and vivid of all of any in Call of Duty. James is a huge supporter of the troops and the men and women who have defended our great nation. Right now he is on a USO tour in Europe and several lucky Soldiers are getting Black Ops 2 patches and other goodies.


In the flesh – “This is Nam baby”

So the big day creeps up. Myself and the guys from Warfighter airsoft make the final arrangements before the big game. James just finished visiting Treyarch and got some very very limited edition swag and even some signed copies of Black Ops 2.

We arrive at SC Viper and its quite overcast, as the day starts off I get a call and James has just arrived. Getting to meed James for the first time in the flesh was mind blowing. His mannerisms and character are not much different then the character he portrays. He brought out the mountain of swag, as well as posters and other limited edition goodies. We even had him give a mission brief to some of the kids during one of the scenarios. It was rather amazing to get the real brief from him outside of the game.


The posters he was he was signing were pretty cool. I snagged a few myself including his badge from the Spike TV Video Game Awards. I was definitely a pretty happy gamer at this point. He wrote some of his most memorable lines on some of the posters and he even signed a Classic Army P90 SMG to be raffled off. The big prize of the day was of course the Limited edition Black Ops 2 games signed by himself and most of the people at Treyarch.


Limited edition posters!


Finally it came time for James to take off. There was a screening going on in LA that he had to make. None the less it was an epic experience to meet the man behind the character. One can never forget his voice. It will leave a distinct mark on your memory for sure. I will say on behalf of Off Duty Gamers it was a privilege and an honor to meet James. I have a ton of respect for James and what he does. He is dedicated It was obvious why he was chosen to become one of gamings greatest Icons. As the year goes forward James will be working on several projects. Keep an eye on his IMDB and check out the films hes been shooting. Most of which have input and creative direction from members of the military and tactical world.

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