Monster Inspiration Active Noise Cancellation Head Phones

by  •  Feb 05, 2013


Due to my extensive travel schedule I was looking for a replacement set of Noise Cancellation headphones; about 4 months ago I was told to hold out for the new Monster Inspirations.  I have to say after the long wait it was totally worth it. Monster since their split from the Beats line of headphones that they helped to create has truly stuck out with a high quality and sophisticated pair of head phones. Please note there is a passive pair of Monster Inspirations that use a solid seal for noise reduction I did not review those only the Active version.




The Monster Sound

Since 1979 monster has been in the sound business with a long and respected pedigree.  I have been a fan of the Beats Brand for a long time but have tried others as extreme cost and focus on too much base has steered me clear as I like a more balanced sound.


Active Noise Cancellation

Our technology cuts the noise without sacrificing your music. Dual microphones capture multiple types of external noise, leaving you a full range of powerful pure audio.

High Definition Sound

Monster Sound delivers audio the way it was intended – powerful and clear. Precision drivers, artfully engineered and balanced, reveal the full fidelity within every recording.

Continuous play

Premium sound, even after your batteries run down. Never be stranded without your music again.

Interchangeable Headbands

Tune your style or make a statement. Easily switch headbands for a unique look. An extra premium headband is included; tons of headbands are available.

Tailored Fit

A wide, fully adjustable headband and pillow-soft leather ear cups form the perfect seal to keep you comfortable, and your music personal.

Quick Controls
Play, pause, skip, or take phone calls with the Control-Talk™ inline remote and microphone. Three included cables ensure compatibility with any device.


Ease of Use

There is nothing hard here if you have a Iphone you have a smart cable that works just like a standard Iphone/ Itouch device.  If you are an audio snob and you don’t like that control you have an inline cable provided as well.  If you have a non I device they have a standard control for any android device.



I was testing these headphones with my Iphone 4s.  If you are familiar with the Dr. Dre beats and enjoy them due to the heavy base these aren’t the headphones for you.  Monster wanted to have a more balanced approach on the base; although playing some heavy base laden house tracks the base was present.

One thing to note is that the Monster Inspirations can play even if the battery dies in the unit.  If you are a frequent traveler this is key as you don’t have to power up the headphones during take off or landing.


The Inspiration headsets has a great black finish; the head band is nicely padded.  The ear pads are covered in a very soft cushion. You can get the Inspirations in either black or white. The head phones collapse together to fit snugly in the case they come with.  The Inspirations come with two headbands on matte black and one glossy black band.  They connect very easy into the top of the band.



The overall performance is very impressive for the price I highly recommend them.


The quality is very good metal and hard plastic construction with very soft earphone cups.  The ear-buds are movable so that they adjust to your ear buds while you are moving.


I repeat these headphones are expensive you should look around to find the best deal online I have seen them for as low as $268.00 online.


Final Intelligence Report

With the very engaging sound quality with a sprinkle of heavy base they will give you a well balanced sound delivery.  The solid built quality as mentioned above and the large assortment of accessories you can’t go wrong.  The Noise canceling is not better than some of the top elite brands but they are still a heavy contender.   If you are a Jr. sound snob like I am and are looking for something different then the Monster Inspirations are a great set to look at.


Ease of Use
Final Score: 4.6 out of 5
Monster Headset

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