Spartan Lands at FOB TFRanger: Video Interview

by  •  Jan 03, 2013


TFRanger – The Get to know ya session

So a few months back we introduced Steven Bell to our community . Xbox Gamertag is TFRanger if you havent caught on yet.

I had planned on meeting Steven before his trip to the midwest while I was in LA and as fate would have it, on my way back to Camarillo through the Los Angeles I decided I REALLY needed to take a break from driving and get some rest. I called up local military asset, Steven Bell and he graciously welcomed me to crash at his place in the middle of the urban jungle that is LA. While I was there we got to talk about gear, guns and some of the gaming that hes been doing. He has been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 after getting in deep with Medal of Honor Warfighter recently.

12564_10151381944723092_572218120_nCurrently his main job is pursuing roles in TV shows and web series that are looking for guys with military experience. I can tell you after spending one day in the city following his day to day life it definitely has its challenges. If anyone hasn’t lived in a city before its definitely quite a wake up call. There are just so many little things one must do to survive in it.

We got a chance to visit Morning Star Entertainment where he had to record some voice overs for one of his unannounced shows coming to television late January.

I was able to see that Steven has several pieces of 5.11 gear. The same gear was used to sponsor both The Controller MOHW and his new unannounced show.

Many of us in our community have never met or only met once to a handful of times. Meeting Steven Bell for the first time in person I was very impressed. I must say its always nice to know there is a fellow soldier in town willing to give you a place to crash, something that is an unspoken code among the Band of Brothers.

Before he had to go on this trip and before I had to run off to see my family I was able to capture this interview on camera in an effort for us to get to know him.