ASUS ROG Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review

by  •  Jan 16, 2013


Audio in game is an important force multiplier especially in a first person shooters such as BF3, MoH Warfighter or even CoD. Having the ability to hear what is going on around you is important to staying alive in game. Actually being able to hear footfalls of potential threats to your front, left, right or rear, can save your gamer life. After all that is one of your gaming objectives….is it not? Enter from ASUS, the Republic of Gamers Orion Pro Gaming Headset, the Choice of Champions.


The Package:


The Contents:



  • Driver: 50mm neodymium magnet units
  • Impedance: 32ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20kHz
  • PNC Performance (noise Isolation): Maximum >30dB
  • Microphone: Bidirectional -30dB sensitivity
  • Weight: 268 grams (.59 Pds)
  • Product: Dimensions 7.4″ x 7.5″
  • Cable length: Braided, 2.5M (6Ft)

What’s all that mean?? I’m not a communications geek, but to the layman gamer, it means you can hear well, in comfort, for long periods of time whilst you game away.

Ease of Use

So easy a Marine can do it. Plug into computer via USB port, place headset on head with cups over the ears. No drivers to upload, it’s all automatic. Semper Simple! Oh, and the mic goes on the LEFT side there Marine…….


The headset is in a word, comfortable. I wear headsets for a living. I fly as a crewmember in the United States Air Force. I wear headsets for HOURS. I wish we had a headset designed like this! The clamping force of the headpiece is not over powering. It is well padded on both the head and ear pieces. The 100mm thick ear cushions are some of the most comfortable I have worn. They are covered with a snazzy high quality leather that is butter soft.

The ROG Orion PRO includes an easy to use cable organizer for convenient wire management and unsightly entanglement prevention.

Attached to the headset is a tough braided cable and gold-plated jacks for longer durability and lower distortion. The extended 2.5m (6 feet) long cable also grants you gamers extended freedom of movement.

Easily adjust or mute the volume with a compact, clip-on volume control.

The retractable, adjustable microphone is located in the base of the left ear cup. Easy to use by pulling out for two way communication, and when not talking smack in game, stores back within the earcup with a simple push.

Featured is the Spitfire B Audio Processor. This processor affords a 7.1 virtual surround, headphone amplifier, and FPS EQ modes. What does that mean?? Simple. Gamers can now hear opponent movements, gunfire, call-outs, and other auditory cues with better directional precision. Being able to figure out which way the action is will contribute to better and more successful game play.

spitfire backlight



I was amazed at both the sound quality and the ability to isolate outside noises. I could not hear my wife calling for me while in game. In fact she had to walk over and tap me on the shoulder in order to get my attention. I jumped like a shot dog, but it goes to show the isolation ability of the headset. In game sound was terrific. The 7.1 surround really showed it’s stuff. While playing Battlefield 3, I had the full effect in 360 degree of audio coverage. I could hear shouting and weapons in the distance, and my favorite, when knifing and grabbing your opponents tags, the sound was in a word……delicious.


Great audio and solid construction shows that superior workmanship and research went into this headset design. The leather on the ear pieces are super comfortable that allow the wearer hours of pain free play time. This headset has changed my game play tremendously. Before, I used to play with a VERY cheap headset/mike combo. I won’t even name the manufacturer, they deserve zero recognition. In game we use Teamspeak and my teammates were always saying it sounded like I was talking with my head up in a jar. Well, it wasn’t a jar, it was part of my body and since that is physically impossible, I’ll just go with the jar analogy. On the very first night with the Orion Pro, everyone was commenting on how clear I now sounded and I must have finally pulled my head out of my, er, jar…..

I have used this headset for Teamspeak and Skype. I must say that I really like it for Skype. I will be carrying this headset with me on my overseas travels. I highly recommend that my fellow service members acquire this set as you will have superior listening experience with your loved ones whilst sitting on the COB or FOB instead of trying to hear over a bunch of your loudmouthed brothers in arms while just using computer speakers.


At review, the price that I found was in British Pounds. 79.99 to be exact. I think that figures out to be around $130.00 U.S., but a lil’ bird has informed me that ASUS will only asking $109 dollars U.S.! The cost is very reasonable for the product. The research and quality parts that goes into this headset bring the price point to this level. At roughly the cost of only two newly released games, it is well within reach of practically all gamers.

Final Word

ASUS hits it out of the park with the Republic of Gamers Orion Pro Gaming Headset. The quality, performance, and value of this super comfortable headset along with the great 7.1 surround sound, will keep you immersed in clear, crisp sound in game for hours.

Official Website:



Ease of Use
Final Score: 4.0 out of 5
Orion Pro Headset

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