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During the development process for Medal of Honor Warfighter, Danger Close Games decided to contact SOG Knives to become a partner for the game. Out of this partnership the Voodoo Hawk was born, named after Voodoo one of the Mako Operators in the game. The hawk is actually a key mechanic in the game for melee combat and door breaching. How does the real steel one hold up? Find out below.

Features and design

The Voodoo Hawk was designed as a Hybrid between the Fast Hawk and the Tactical Tomahawk made by SOG Knives. The hawk was made with direct input from game designers at Danger Close Games as well as Tier 1 operators. The profile of the weapon is compact compared to other hawks on the market but a tad bigger than Fast Hawk. The Voodoo Hawk features an extended  420 stainless steel cutting head, compact glass-reinforced nylon handle, and metal butt cap. A nice SOG logo graces the top of the weapon. A nylon carrying sheath is also included. We would have liked for SOG to create a hard sheath or some kind of holster for the weapon because right now the sheath doesn’t cut it.

Ease of Use

The Voodoo hawk is a weapon of simplicity and utility. When you first see it you will immediately understand its use and function. The Voodoo hawk is a close quarters combat weapon first and fore most. A trained operator in edged weaponry will be able to devastate anyone within its range. There is something unique, brutal, and striking about a Hawk in close range warfare. Any strike with this weapon will cause massive trauma. Some fighters will be able to use it less as a brute weapon but in a more elegant and artistic way to dispatch their enemies. The hawk handles pretty darn well. When you first pick it up you will notice the even balance and weight distribution. Chances are you could throw it though that’s not really recommended. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use this thing but the range of situations that the hawk can come into use is endless especially for survival. The only thing missing is a way to stow and deploy the weapon easily such as a kydex sheath or drop leg platform.

QUALITY AND Performance

In use the Hawk is quite capable to take down a small tree/ log for those moments when you need to build a fire or create a fighting position. The pick side of the weapon is quite capable of destroying cinder blocks and bricks with ease. One of the things we noticed is that this thing packs a punch even though its shorter then other Hawks available on the market. You really don’t want to be on the receiving end of this bad boy. Chances are by the time you need to replace it you will have gotten plenty of use out of this Hawk.


For 49.95 from the hawk is quite a steal. It’s not often you can get something as robust and badass as this for a solid price. If you haven’t found that special gift for the warfighters in your family then you just found it.

This hawk was provided for review from PredatorEDC and was presented as a gift to a Ranger deploying over seas.

If you purchase the Voodoo Hawk from PredatorEDC be sure to use this code to get 5% off. Your welcome Troopers!


 Be sure to check out the quick video review below!


Final Word

The SOG Knives has created a wonderful product in the vision of Medal of Honor Warfighter. The Voodoo hawk is solid, savage, and scary as hell if you aren’t the one holding it. Nothing makes a MRE lunch a meal to remember when your buddy hacks open his meal with the Voodoo Hawk. Your friends will be sure to notice. Several people have picked this up and for the value it’s a steal. The only thing we didn’t like is the sheath it comes with as its not very secure. If your looking for something to keep in the truck in sticky situations, a perfect camping tool, or for the right weapon in close range combat look no further. The Voodoo hawk is the weapon of choice.




Ease of Use
Final Score: 4.9 out of 5

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