Video Analysis: MOH Warfighter Teaser Trailer

by and  •  Mar 22, 2012

Attention on Deck!

Our Breakdowns are something that we enjoy to do. They allow us to cast a critical, and sometimes appreciative eye towards the work of various developers to see just how much attention to detail they are willing to work in. So far, we have not been disappointed by any title we’ve looked at, but some are closer to our hearts than others, for various reasons.

Next up on our list is the new Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer released a few weeks ago. In it, we get a look at a team of Operators in action, and maybe, just maybe get a glimpse of not only WHO, but WHERE.

If you’ve been living under a rock, or are one, here is the most recent trailer in full:

Index :15


In the opening scene we get a nice view of a US Naval Special Warfare RHIB, or Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat. The NSW RHIB is an 11 meter boat, sporting a Mk19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher, which we see in the front, as well as the an M60 7.62 Machine Gun and a Browning M2 .50 caliber Machine Gun, just for some light work. These things run at a speed of 40+ knots (that means nautical miles per hour for you non maritime folks) or 64 kilometers per hour. The range is an impressive 200 nautical miles, and given it could be air dropped from a C-130, can literally be deployed anywhere there is water.

Normally this craft carries a compliment of three Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, who are an integral part of our Special Operations teams, and accomplished operators themselves. The remaining personnel in the boat consist of the three Operators we see later in the trailer, and likely a support element, which would come into play if everything goes straight to hell.

Index :25

Two Operators emerge from the water, in that ever popular scene we always see with Navy SEALS, like ghosts, with no air bubbles visible in the water around them. While something like this seems a bit unrealistic, Navy SEALS do, in fact train to accomplish this very act. Displacing as little water as possible while they move, making less noise. Now, we will say that it makes little difference in the quality of the work, but there is no visible water runoff from the uniforms as they emerge.

Index :32

As the shooters move into position, we see this is a classic Sniper/Spotter team. The trigger puller is armed with a Remington Model 40-XS, also officially designated the M40A5 by the US Department of Defense. The brand of Spotting Scope used, however, is an unknown. We combed over countless photos and consulted with our own resources, but could not come up with a definitive match. We previously made note of the Mechanix gloves, as seen on the key art. They once again make their appearance here, and are identified as M-Pact Coyote Gloves.

One detail we definitely notice is the lack of shiny, glowy things. There are no watches, luminescent dials, small lights or reflective surfaces to make note of. While seeing your buddy is important in the dark, it is much like Murphys Law of Armed Conflict: Tracer Fire Works Both Ways.

The face fur on the Spotter is showing a bit of gray, yeah, he’s caused a little hate and discontent.

Index :38

There is nothing much to see, except shadows. But even they look awesome as the team moves up the stairs, their weapons are trained on the potential threat directly above. Some may take issue with the fact that the final shooter in line is not checking his six, but have you ever tried walking up stairs backwards while being shot at? There is a reason that tactic is not practiced any longer.

Index :45

A quick look at the Assault team executes a button hook after hitting the landing. Each consecutive Shooter has his weapon muzzle trained down to avoid accidentally shooting his partner, and then up towards the possible threat. The team is armed with M4 variants, but with so many manufacturers and specifications, we can only guess that it fits the standards for the SOPMOD II currently in service with USSOCOM units  Heckler and Koch 416 Carbines. One detail of note, you can just barely make out the current MOH Mako patch on the right sleeve of the middle man, which confirms these particular Operators as US Navy SEALS.

Update 2012/03/26: The M4 variant has been correctly described as a Heckler and Kock 416 by a member of the audience from Facebook, Sebastien Leonard, with several others such as Fandango831 and Viking Six also commenting below. Viking Six goes into a little more detail, describing the weapon as an HK 416 with a 14.5 inch barrel, and further notes that JSOC is currently using the 10.5 inch barrel version of the same weapon. After looking at various images, we have to conclude that all three are correct in their identification, and thank each of you for letting us know. Good to go, and keep it up!

Index :46

Looks like this tango is holding the tried and true M1911 Service Pistol, long retired from active service, but still a favorite of us old timers. Sure, you only get 7 rounds, but but at a .45 Caliber, who cares? Perhaps that is why they are still in use by some Special Operations teams, and about 5000 were purchased by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team.

Index :47

Jut a few micro seconds later, and BOOM, one of our shooters aims in with his ACOG equipped M4, and we see a tango doing an impersonation of Superman after a bad day. A quick ding here as we notice the “whole world zoom” rather than just the area of the sight reticule. Again, is it minor? Yes, but it is one of those things we hope developers take note of, eventually.

Still in that :47 mark, looks like our RHIB boat moving in presumably for an extraction. With the architecture, tropical environment and general layout, we place this location as being in the Philippines.

Index :48

OW! The tango takes one to the chest, no entry point is visible but blood spurts from the heart area, center mass, you can almost see the thought of “What the hell?” flicker across his face. Adios, motherfu…er Rest in Peace.

Index :49

Shortly thereafter , we catch a brief glimpse of 2 CH 47 Chinook Helicopters. With the G model currently in service, this indicates a JSOC operation. Oh, you’ll want to follow that link, you will see an actual image of a Chinook dropping a RHIB Boat in open water.

Index :50

As an explosion blasts one of our ops out of the room, the only real item of note is the David Copperfield chair that rises up, sets back down, and then rockets off to the right of the screen. A minor detail to be sure, but we have to prove to you somehow that we ACTUALLY watch the footage we are using for the breakdown.

After that, the remainder of the video flashes by with various unit designations and map locations. Yes, you can bet your favorite MRE we did slow that imagery down frame by frame, but that is for another article or two…

Final Debriefing

What items can you pick out? Surely we did not cover everything, and like any human, we are capable of error. Call out what you will and sound off in the comments section below. None of us are linguists, so maybe you can identify the spoken language.

A Special Note

What we are talking about is a video game, but the depictions represent the efforts, abilities and sacrifices of actual military personnel. Whether Special Operations, or Conventional Forces, these men and women are ever bit as deserving of the pride we feel at having at one time served with many of them, and the recognition they will never ask for. Our interest in these breakdowns comes not only from a professional curiosity, but also from a determination to ensure more than just simple lip service is heeded when presenting any depiction of our Servicemembers to the general public. So far, Medal of Honor, and the other titles we have looked at, have done a fine job.