News and Updates for Nuclear Dawn

by  •  Nov 30, 2011

You probably remember that a few weeks ago I looked at the first project from Interwave Studios,¬†Nuclear Dawn. The game is a hybrid mix of First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy, with the players having the ability to do either depending on their choice of play. As I said then, the game is not a giant killer, but it is receiving continued support and development from Interwave, and does offer a bit of something new gamers, at a price that won’t make you eat cream of chicken soup for a week. All in all, I think it is a good, strong offering from a developer just getting their start.

If you think this is something you may be interested in, but not certain you want to buy it, Steam will be holding a free weekend from December 15-19. This is a good way to take the game for a spin and see what it is about, then purchase it if you like it. During the free weekend, players will earn double experience points and unlock the P-900 sidearm if they purchase the game before 1 P.M. PST. That is not all, the game is also updating with some new content and training modes. Oh wait…did I mention the title is going on sale during the free weekend? A full 40% off the retail of $19.99 USD to be exact

First up is the now playable Training mode, which will allow you to try out the basic and advanced game mechanics, eventually earning an Achievement and allowing you to have priority for the Commander’s Chair in game.¬†Also InterWave is adding a career stats page to the in game menu, which will allow you to monitor upcoming unlocks, achievements, track battle stats and customize some of your equipment. Finally, a new Stealth Saboteur kit is making its way to the game, a new loadout that will include sticky grenades.

With the new updates and content, the pressure is on InterWave to continue support for Nuclear Dawn. They are also looking to the community for modders to evolve the game further, but also gear up on an unannounced title they are planning. With the recently released Nuclear Dawn SDK, we can expect to see more community driven maps and items, but InterWave appears to be using this as a recruiting pool of sorts as well.

Free weekends and DLC are always good, free games are better, right? To coincide with the free Steam weekend, Off Duty Gamers will be awarding one Steam code for Nuclear Dawn to the winning submission for our Blue Falcon Award. Simply follow the link to the page and upload your best Blue Falcon in its natural environment. The content has to be new, so no previous submissions will be considered. However, all submissions between now and December 16 at 1 P.M. CST are eligible. Why the timeframe you ask? Well we want you to get that special unlock, so we need time to pour through the submissions and choose the best one. There will be some other Blue Falcon contests, so we want to encourage you to submit as many entries as you wish, wining this code won’t exclude you from other giveaways.