New Medal of Honor Teaser and Web Update

by  •  Oct 25, 2011

Whats with all the teeth?

As you carefully take that brand new Battlefield 3 disc out of its protective sheath, you’ll notice a teaser insert inside for the new Medal of Honor. Off Duty Gamer’s founder, Mark “Rigger82″ Christianson, has signed on and is writing a new blog series titled “MOH Downrange” for the front page of the website. The first blog covers the history of the military unit and morale patch.

“The military is always looking to boost morale and build unit pride (esprit de corps) and while there are more than a few ways to get it done, one that seems to be increasing is the use of morale patches. Morale patches are simply patches similar to standard military unit designators that are non-sanctioned and unofficial. These morale patches are typically irreverent or funny and either support a different view of a unit or job or poke fun at other military aspects.”

Continue reading more about the patches and their history at http://www.medalofhonor/tier1central.

ODG on the front lines!

Off Duty Gamers has been asked and we’ve answered with a big YES, to be involved with the next installment in the Medal of Honor franchise. That means that ODG will have exclusive access, sneak peeks and all kinds of hands on reports as news spreads on this upcoming title.

Stay in touch with the latest news for Medal of Honor at their Facebook and Twitter.