Preview: Take On Helicopters

by  •  Sep 29, 2011

Take on Helicopters has yet to be released, but is due out Q4 2011.  I had a chance to preview this title, and I am glad to have to tested this product. As such my review is for your consideration.


Take on Helicopters is an all-new helicopter game is built on 10 years of experience with the development of complex military simulators. This flight simulation puts players/pilots in enriched landscapes and an authentic helicopter experience; players will prove their flight skills while having to learn to master authentic rotor-wing flight dynamics. This is a true concept simulator that has taken flight simulation to another level.


The graphics of this simulation has been the best by far I have ever seen or used in flight simulation.  Let’s start with the helicopter itself:  This is the first helicopter sim that I have ever seen that allows the pilot to get out and actually open doors, the engine compartment, and radar compartments.

The shading of areas while in flight and on the ground is just amazing. While you’re sitting in the cockpit you can observe shade from buildings and clouds alike to come across a very detailed and refined helicopter cockpit.  The gauges work in complete sync with the flight dynamics of the helicopter itself.  The scenery outside the aircraft is just as amazing.

True to life water and cloud details.  Buildings that is complete and detailed to the finest point.  The trees and the grass areas will amaze one when they are able to identify leaves and blades of grass vs. a standard block of green area.  You will also witness the variations of destruction if you land too hard or completely crash; the details were not spared in that area neither.


The sound for this game as tested were as accurate as one can get from the different variations of the flight models.  There is also some unique music that is played in some scenes.  Although I am not a big fan of “backup” music in a flight simulation, I found this music to be very pleasant and I resisted turning it off; instead I just listened to the sounds of nice compositions.


In the beta I was flying, you had several modes.  Under single player you had Free Flight, Challenges, Time Trials, and of course Training.  Under Free Flight you have 20 different helicopters and scenarios.  Everything from training to light, medium and corporate is available, as well as challenges such as time trials that include a railroad, and a bridge. Training covers, quick flight, start up and shut down, and basic maneuvers.

Replay ability

This is a very addictive flight simulation for the PC flyers at heart.  The detail in Take On Helicopters makes you want to keep coming back for more and more.  When you crash (and you will) the realism of the explosions and the details of the scenery will blow your mind!

Preview Intelligence Report

In a recent press release Bohemia Interactive´s CEO, Marek Spanel, explains: “Our military simulators from the Arma series have been providing infinite fun and creativity for nearly a decade now. Helicopters were always an important part of our games and we feel it is time to give them some proper polish in a dedicated project. Take On Helicopters is an accessible yet very authentic helicopter game, which challenges players to prove their flight skills in the rich environments of North America and South Asia.”

With that being said, it makes me want to try their Arma series as well.  If you’re a fan of Arma because of realism and detail, you will be a fan of Take On Helicopters as well!

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